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      High precision intelligent servo plunger metering pump
      SMP(Smart Metering Pump) series intelligent servo metering pumps are specially developed for complex process flow and harsh liquid pumping accuracy, which can help you to achieve accurate feeding under high pressure and high temperature conditions, and multi-pump centralized control can achieve high-precision proportioning. It is widely used in many industrial fields such as chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, new energy, and special processing, and belongs to general equipment.


      Break through tradition Stick to safety

      Flow accuracy:+/-2 ‰    
      Maximum Medium Temperature:200 ℃
      Rated maximum output pressure:35MPa
      Maximum flow rate:680L/h 
      Working medium:Particle-free liquids except hydrofluoric acid, strong acids and bases, aqua regia
      Medium viscosity:0.3-800mm2/s
      control mode:Setting Control of Numeric Input
      Volumetric efficiency:>96%

      Note: The nominal flow accuracy is the measured value with clear water as medium at 20 C.
      Standard 316L pump valve body and perfluorinated rubber sealing ring, can be customized according to customer requirements


      Intelligent pumping Do as one wishes
      1. The pump body is driven by AC servo motor, and the main components are modularized.
      2. The self-developed control system can directly set various pumping parameters, realize automatic operation and meet the complex requirements of various working conditions.
      3. Convenient calibration method can correct output error in time.
      4. I/O signal interface of automatic alarm function, such as reservation, can be configured according to specific application.
      5. Configuration of 485 communication interface can realize remote control of pump, transmission of control parameters, logic control signals, and so on, and then realize intelligent operation of network.


      Standard function of servo metering pump numerical control system:
      Single Timing and Quantitative Pumping
      Multiple Intermittent Quantitative Constant Speed Pumping
      Constant Flow Continuous Pumping
      Manual pumping
      Automatic starting point of plunger after completion of task
      Speed compensation
      Digital Compensation and Calibration of Pump Output Accuracy
      Accept external security policy control
      Realization of Logical Control and Remote Control through 485 Interface Networking with PC or Large System

      Selection function:
      Pressure alarm
      temperature compensation
      Associated I/O Signals
      Split explosion-proof electrical system
      Temperature anomaly
      Output pressure exceeding standard
      Infusion interruption
      Excessive leakage

      Accurate measurement Point to stop
      1. The pump body is driven by AC servo motor, and the main components are modularized.
      2. The newly designed integral drive unit has the characteristics of high rigidity and wear resistance, which ensures the high reliability of the whole machine.
      3. The multi-channel combined seal structure completely isolates the mutual pollution between lubricant and working medium, and is suitable for all kinds of corrosive media and hygienic occasions.
      4. The newly designed precision inlet and outlet valves and fluid passages can withstand high loads.
      5. Long-life seal design and unique built-in leakage and return channel can prevent the leakage of medium in case of seal failure and reduce the risk of environmental accidents.
      6. Explosion-proof design can be provided according to customer's requirements.
      ABOUT US
      Wuxi Yuanshu Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing intellectualized and high-precision fluid metering and pumping integrated equipment for chemical, environmental protection, food, dyestuff, pharmaceutical and other industries. The new generation intelligent servo metering pump breaks through the traditional design and uses advanced servo motion control technology to achieve accurate positioning of the plunger of the reciprocating pump. The product is widely used in hi...
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      501 Nanhu Avenue, Liangxi District, Wuxi City

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